The National CVpedia of Britain

Contents – a Medley of Ms:

1. Momentum
2. Modernity

     2.1 Island, Sea & Sky
     2.2 Science
     2.3 Farms & Gardens
     2.4 Industrialisation
     2.5 Technology
     2.6 Materials
     2.7 Globalisation
     2.8 Freedom
     2.9 Humanitarianism
     2.10 Health
     2.11 Empire & Wars
     2.12 Language & Culture
     2.13 Sport & Leisure
3. Monarchs
     3.1 Rulers BC
     3.2 Rulers AD
4. Mining
5. Megaliths
6. Marvels

     6.1 Religion
     6.2 Legends
     6.3 People
     6.4 Calendar
     6.5 Food &Drink
6.6 Domesticity
     6.7 Local Colour
     6.8 London
     6.9 Scholarship
     6.10 Statecraft
     6.11 Overseas
7. Sources


The National CVpedia of Britain is a historical database that is intended to validate the claims of  The National CV of Britain - where ‘Britain’ refers to the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, otherwise known as the UK.

Think of this website as a Sandwich of History: the top slice is The National CV of Britain;  the CVpedia is the filling; and the bottom slice is represented by essays on topics of special interest, the CVpedia More Articles. A two-page distillation of The National CV is exhibited on this website [click here], with the full version available soon as an eBook. Given this, the CVpedia and the More Articles represent an open sandwich, with CV garnish. Enjoy!

From this page you can access the CVpedia, which is an electronic summary of The National CV Group’s database of photocopies, tear sheets, pamphlets, books and an old tea towel. The CVpedia  also incorporates web-based research, to track the Influential Islanders down the aeons. Described are Britain’s ‘national achievements, notable characteristics, eminent characters and memorable events’.

The National CV Group holds the views articulated in this CVpedia lightly, after the manner of scientists, and are willing to change entries as evidence is made available to them. The CVpedia is perpetually a work in progress, each entry being a placeholder against the time when it can be substituted with material more closely approaching the truth that honours those who have gone before and those who will follow.

Items appear in more than one place by intention, to reduce cross-referencing. So repetition in the CVpedia is by design, to assist you, the reader.

Named individuals are from Britain unless otherwise indicated. Titles – e.g. Lord, Lady, Sir, Professor – have mostly been omitted in the interests of concision.  

References to sources are embedded in the text, appended to individual notices or, as indicated where relevant, accessible by clicking through to Sources. Publishers have not been identified, as this information is readily available from an internet search on a book's title. 

This site is not a wiki, but if you wish to contribute to the project, please go to Contact us.

Please bear with us, during these early days of the project. It will take time for all the links on this site to become operational. You may need to go through the Search facility on the home page to find what you want.


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