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If you want to learn more about the activities of The National CV Group and even lend a hand - by improving a CVpedia notice or authoring a More Article, for example - please use this email address:

If you contact us, please be patient. The National CV Project is in perennial danger of mission overstretch. Thank you.

Improving a CVpedia notice

If you would like to see a CVpedia entry changed, then one way to achieve this it to copy the item into an email, labelling it 'BEFORE'. Then put your version above, labelling it 'AFTER', highlighting your suggested amendments. Be sure to supply scholarly references in support of your viewpoint. Correspondents who contribute open-ended questions, such as "Are you sure this item is correct?", must expect to be ignored. Concentrate, please, on the CVpedia entry, as this is the mother lode from which the CV entry is extracted. 

Although a collaborative venture, this site is not a wiki. Ultimate editorial responsibility resides solely with The National CV Group.

Authoring a More Article

'More Articles' is a repository of essays, independently authored, and other scholarly resources offering supplementary information to that available in The National CVpedia of Britain. Whilst present-day items are subject to editorial input and the firm obligation is placed upon authors to articulate the truth as they see it, no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information presented.

The National CV Group reserves the copyright on all original More Articles, in the version presented on this website, to protect its authors. Contributors are at liberty to use their articles, in this version or any other version, in any other way they see fit, without reference to The National CV Group.

Authors are urged to abjure 'speculomania' (i.e. excessive speculation). Stick to your thesis, please, which should be summed up in the title of the piece. A particularly desirable technique is to quote historical authorities verbatim, giving precise references to the source document.

Authors should feel free to issue new editions of their essay via this website, as their thinking develops and new evidence accumulates.

Other CVs

If you want The National CV Group to prepare a CV, please contact us. Our remit includes any group large or small, including nations, international organisations, regions, towns, companies, local societies etc. CVs of individuals are outside our remit.

If you want to prepare a CV yourself and have it displayed in the 'Other CVs' section of this website, please be aware of the conventions of CV writing:

- Be brief; encapsulating historical and profile information in a CV is no small task, yet for the reader the output needs to represent just that, a small task

- Be accurate whilst being as upbeat as your story warrants

- Use a timeline that is reversed; take the reader on a journey upwards from the earliest date at the foot of the document to the most recent item at the top; yet depart freely from this format to bring out the best in your material (e.g. by having themes that overlap in time)

- Have an eye to the future; in effect say “Here is what we have done; here is what we can do together for the world in the future”; a CV is a forward-looking history

- Be ready to add headlines as the story develops; a CV is a cumulative living
document that loads at the top

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