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1. Lucius of Britain was the world’s first Christian king, AD 100s

2. Constantine the Great’s mother, St Helen of the Cross, was British

3. Joseph of Arimathea came to Britain

4. Molmutius, Tysilio & Flinders Petriedeserve renown

5. Henry VIII & William III: how the Protestant Reformation freed the British mind for greatness

6. Athelstan the Glorious, forgotten builder of a nation

7. The Ancient Roads of Britain were Pre-Roman

8. Mining for Minors: a Young Person’s Guide to the Earth’s Riches

9. Julius Caesar's invasions - R W Morgan (1861)

10. Julius Caesar's description of the Druids as literate 

11. Origin of British Christianity - R W Morgan (1861) 

12. Britain's Constitution, 'The most stupendous invention'

13. Pre-Roman Civilisation in Britain - R W Morgan (1858)

14. Druidic Theology - R W Morgan (1861)

15. Boadicea, the original 'Queen Victoria' - R W Morgan (1861)

16.History of Britain - R W Morgan (1848)

17. First motor car - demonstrated in London in 1711

18.Tysilio Chronicle- translated by W R Cooper (2002)

19. 'Neglected British History' by Flinders Petrie (1917)

20. A British-led expeditionary force sacked Rome in 390 BC (Belinus & Brennus)

21.L A Waddell was a fine scholar who took seriously the British Chronicles telling of the coming of the Trojans c1100 BC

22. 'Brutus' by Holinshed, Camden & Enderbie

23. 'Flying King Bladud, King Lear & Queen Cordelia' by Tysilio, Holinshed & Enderbie

24. 'Ebraucus' by Tysilio, Holinshed & Enderbie

25.Fifty things the British have given to the world - Peter Whittle (2012)

26. English was in Britain before the Romans – Michael Goormachtigh (2012)

27. Why all the fuss about Geoffrey? - Mike Gascoigne (2001)

28. The Good Book of Oxford - Mike Gascoigne (2002)

Brexit Archive 29. Britain will thrive outside the European Union - Nigel Moore (2016)

Brexit Archive 30. More Britain's 2016 EU referendum is about the death or life of noble self-rule

      - John Hart

Brexit Archive 31. A REMAIN vote in Britain's 2016 EU referendum is strictly for doormats

      - John Hart

Brexit Archive 32. Vote No to EU enslavement - Gruff Morgan

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