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Press Releases

1. Westminster Abbey is on the site of a former Temple of Apollo (May 2011)

Royal wedding venue of RAF Prince and Bride was formerly the site of a pagan temple and also the location of Britain's first air crash

Wills & Kate

2. Citizen historians produce first National CV for Britain (January 2012)

Fury at poor history curriculum in schools inspires world’s first CV of a country – a rigorous ‘research engine’ to inspire youngsters to find out what’s great about Britain

History group selects 2012 anniversaries that tell the island story

3.‘The National CV of Britain’ launches; take pride in our island’s pioneering past and be inspired going forward(May 2012)


Launch of The National CV of Britain on the revolving deck of BT Tower, London, 21st May2012. Thanks were expressed to BT, project sponsor and launch host. Members of The National CV Group, from left: Jenny & Keith Sinfield, Brian Watson, Keith Davies, Cat Abbott, Rupert Willoughby, Lorna Taylor, William Tayleur & John Hart

34 floors up: far left, Val Risk, Director of Volunteering, BT Group plc, in a National CV boater; far right, Richard Norris, Director, Volunteering Programme, BT; centre, James Fairlie, Director of Business Strategy & Planning, dbda (event organiser); with John Hart (boater) and other members of the launch team

To view the launch presentation, click here.

4. Launch of The Young Citizens' National CV of Britain (July 2012)

King Arthur’s ‘Caerleon Games’ of AD 540 are part of Britain’s and the world’s sporting heritage, says history group

New 2-page history of Britain launches for free via BT’s educational website – to inspire the nation’s youngsters in a proud Olympic year

Examples of coverage

(i) Humphry Davy

(ii) First car

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