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'Applying for the Future'– in particular, an Independent Future!

A Repository of British History

We have prepared a profile of Britain - for fun, illumination and inspiration - under the rubric ‘The National CV of Britain'. This document celebrates Britain’s record of pioneering achievements across any number of fields of human endeavour over many centuries. Supporting the claims of The National CV is a validating database called 'The National CVpedia of Britain'. Below the CVpedia is a stratum of specialist essays called ‘More Articles’, completing a Structure of Knowledge.

Britain is history’s most famous island and the British are described by The National CV Group as the ‘Influential Islanders’. The history of the UK is here presented in the form of a Curriculum Vitae, an upbeat personal history in reverse chronological order, with the most recent headline at the top. A CV is a forward-looking history, usually prepared in the context of getting a job. Since countries can’t get jobs, The National CV Group has Britain ‘Applying for the Future’.

This website provides a jolly, yet rigorous, historical analysis of Britain, ‘this sceptred isle, this green and pleasant land of hope and glory’. The National CV Group are inviting their fellow Britons to enjoy their remarkable history and relish past success, while redoubling their efforts in the present – using The National CV to ‘apply for the future’.

One day every nation on Earth will have a CV of its own.



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We recommend this website which complements our own:

The National CV Group espouses the cause of Brexit, in the context of Britain's EU REMAIN/LEAVE Referendum of June 2016, as representing the nobility of self-rule. Our thinking can be ascertained here. We continue to rejoice in the pioneering vote to LEAVE.

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