History in the Making: Britain’s

EU IN/OUT Referendum


We have pleasure in bringing you the briefest account of the LEAVE (OUT) story available anywhere (15 words), in line with our mission to deliver the most compressed complete history of Britain ever attempted:

“We joined a club, but they tried to take over our lives, so we left.”


John Hart, author of

The National CV of Britain

Here is the case for REMAIN (IN), provided in the same historical format:

We joined a club, but they tried to take over our lives, so we let them.”

Here is a version of the formula following the UK Prime Minister’s deal with the EU on 19th February 2016:

We joined a club, but they tried to take over our lives, so we let them, after they agreed to soften slightly the terms of our subjugation.”



Although this website is a politically neutral repository of British historical information, the contributors to this site urge UK citizens to vote LEAVE in the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, in conformity with this island’s history and destiny of independent freedom. We think that getting out of the EU will feel like we have just paid off the mortgage.


Only if you want to give your homeland up to the occupancy and control of foreigners should you vote IN.


The IN campaign is said to be promoting Project Fear. We in the OUT campaign recommend in response the Agincourt gesture.


Britain is separated from the Continent by dint of geography and history and we should cordially pursue a separate destiny, for our own benefit and theirs. Read more on why we think you should vote LEAVE in the 2016 EU referendum, by clicking here, here, here and here.


The National CV of Britain

'Applying for the Future'– in particular, an Independent Future!


A Repository of British History


We have prepared a profile of Britain - for fun, illumination and inspiration - under the rubric ‘The National CV of Britain'. This document celebrates Britain’s record of pioneering achievements across any number of fields of human endeavour over many centuries. Supporting the claims of The National CV is a validating database called 'The National CVpedia of Britain'. Below the CVpedia is a stratum of specialist essays called ‘More Articles’, completing a Structure of Knowledge.


Britain is history’s most famous island and the British are described by The National CV Group as the ‘Influential Islanders’. The history of the UK is here presented in the form of a Curriculum Vitae, an upbeat personal history in reverse chronological order, with the most recent headline at the top. A CV is a forward-looking history, usually prepared in the context of getting a job. Since countries can’t get jobs, The National CV Group has Britain ‘Applying for the Future’.


This website provides a jolly, yet rigorous, historical analysis of Britain, ‘this sceptred isle, this green and pleasant land of hope and glory’. The National CV Group are inviting their fellow Britons to enjoy their remarkable history and relish past success, while redoubling their efforts in the present – using The National CV to ‘apply for the future’.


One day every nation on Earth will have a CV of its own.




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